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Uncategorized Aug 17, 2019

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I just read "What Can Coaches do for You,by Diane Coutu and Carol Kauffman in the Harvard Business Review, it's a little dated, however, it's a short read and has valuable quotes and stats about how coaching "is about developing the capabilities of "high-potential performers"... like you! 

What Can Coaches Do for You? Diane Coutu &Carol Kauffman FROM THE JANUARY 2009 ISSUE

"According to this MIT professor and leading scholar of organizational psychology, two things are missing from most of our conversations: “Curiosity, and a willingness to ask questions to which we don’t already know the answer.”


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How do you show up

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2018

Women leaders take flight


Future fit your leadership value Newsletter 2018-03-12


Good morning! It’s day 2 of the time change and it’s still dark.  I think it will be sunny and spring like, what’s it like where you are? Send me an email!


How do you show up?


Are you curious and listen or do you speak out boldly?

Right now, I’m reading Judith Glasser’s book about conversational intelligence.  “Selling” is a top skill identified for future fitness, not door to door encyclopedias, but listening to needs, identifying pain points and crafting solutions. When I talk to younger people many shirk from the term “marketing” and sales. I know I did. However, without business development, a company won’t earn revenue and people won’t get paid.

In the past, commercial and b to b sales were men’s games. Although men still dominate, there are lots of opportunities. Empathy, listening and...

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Future fit your leadership

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2018

Women leaders take flight


Future fit your leadership value Newsletter 2018-03-10


New this week

Self-awareness is critical to taking the next steps, whether that means making a successful business case for a project that will meld your passion with serving your organization’s mission and KPIs or Key performance objectives.

I believe International women’s day 2018 will cast a new shining light and  baea beacon of hope.  Why?  In my locale, the provincial government past legislation that salaries for job postings from government and employers of over 500, need to include salary postings AND individual compensation needs to be public. 

When I think back to times when I’ve become disengaged, it’s come after a time when I’ve worked hard, received management acknowledgement verbally, and then been “granted” additional responsibilities, and then denied more money.  Then I’ve found out that people I m...

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“Talking to your computer as if it were human”

women Oct 06, 2017

 Conversational Intelligence® is even more important in the gig economy and tech start up work world.

Have you ever received an email where the writer sets out their point of view without any regard for what you might think?  A popular term for interactions now is UX or User experience, and I attended a great conference (for women) in London Ontario.  …but more about that later

Recently, I spent an hour hearing all about Conversational Intelligence® from world class experienced business leaders and coaches as part of this year’s online WBECS leadership conference.  Led by Len Rothman, of Leadership @ Work, we discussed how conversations can be used to get into the work flow and feel really good about it.

He asked us to start by thinking about a time when we felt anxious or angry and then about a time when we felt really good.  Have you tried listening to understand? I think a lot of people listen to figure out what they are going to...

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Leading with Intention

leadership Sep 11, 2017

What does it take to be an intentional leader?

In various stages in my life I have been content and even thrived in my role as a nurturer or supportive. That was encouraged in me when I was growing up, when Mom was the alpha female in our family, and in faith communities, where there was a specific hierarchy in the “pecking order”.

In my early role as manager and editor the management model was authoritative, like an old-fashioned news room where there were cub reporters, re-write desks, copy editors, assignment editors, city editors, managing editors and publishers. As millennials joined my teams, that approach didn’t work anymore, they wanted, in fact insisted, on being involved in the project from the very beginning.   

Intentional leadership can be hard. Being consistent at it even more challenging.  So, identifying what to focus on is really important, if not critical to your success. If you are looking for a road map, we are living in fortunate...

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Do you see yourself as a leader or do you try to meet other peoples’ expectations?

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2017

Early in my career and family, the prevailing model was authoritarian – top down my way or the highway I thought success was toeing the line and accomplishing goals set by others, either my parents, university profs or supervisors 

This was especially true in my traditional journalism education where the profs acted like old fashioned copy editors with red pens and taught us to act like we were on the re-write desk.

Then in my early PR agency days, I experienced more who would try to ingrain "this-is-how-we-do-it" methods.

As I advanced in management I was actually shown a different approach by younger people coming up through the ranks  - often called millennials – they had been taught to work in teams and to share authority among themselves and look to senior leaders as coaches rather than dictators.  One day, one of my new hires came to me and said “Why do you keep putting two spaces at the end of each sentence. That is so old fashioned. ...

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Get started tackling your internal barriers to overcome the external ones

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2017


What keeps you awake at night?  Maybe it's questions like:

  • "Am I a fraud?"
  • "How could anyone come to me for advice? "
  •  "Why should I think I'm any good?"  or
  • "How could I balance my life if I accept that job?" 

Join Women Leaders Take Flight Facebook Group today.  

By now, maybe you've heard the revelations about how men and women really are treated differently, especially in tech and entrepreneurial environments.  This week, the stories I've posted in the Women Leaders Take Flight Facebook Group include:

  • - prominent thought leader and head of 500 Startups, Dave McClure resigned because of sexual harassment charges;
  • - findings that when pitching for VC funding, women not only get asked different questions then men, but also are likely to be described by negative adjectives when men are described by positive ones.
  • - now there is a new study out  discounting the benefits of diverse teams for being innovative.   Published in the Harvard...
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How to find a coach

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2017

Have you admired athletes and performance artists who really shine out?


I heard a story the other day about a judge at a children's music festival asking the choir members is they noticed particular people during the performance and what made them different. The overwhelming response was that some people just burst over with enthusiam.


When children are learning to walk, if a parent smiles at them and tells them to try again, the child will lock eyes with a parent and try again. To get to the Olympics, athletes in individual events and teams all need coaches. I saw a tiny girl wheeling around in a walker in the mall today. Rather than putting her in a wheel chair and pushing her around, her family had her outfitted with her own wheels to let her get on her own, and they encouraged her to push on when she got tired.
The future of work will mean that more people will have to get help to push themselves. I've learned that to have a great coaching relationship both the...

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Priorities & Rewards : How Women and Men See Success Differently

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2017

This is my Ignite London presentation from February 2017.

View the live recording:

 The difference between women and men in business


View the powerpoint with voice over audio:


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